Dual Function Lock
Magnetic Card & Rfid Card


- with a unique locking structure, installing and removing of the lock is easy.
- the entire electronic module is installed into the front panel, with maximum protection for the door lock, and giving reliability and security.
- Lock body size can be selected, meeting American and European standards
- Exclusive ID card numbers for ensuring the guest's safety
- Battery lifetime: For door openings it normally can exceed 10,000 times
- When low voltage alert the door can still be unlocked another 50 times
- the lock can save up to 512 latest unlock records
- the lock can identify up to 1000 RF cards
- Intelligent locking indication: If the door not be fully closed, the lock will alarm to indicate guest or waiter to close the door well
- the door can be unlocked with mechanical key in case of an emergency
- The lock can be set to a neutral mode, open the door by turning the handle without any card and keys
- Can be used the Administrate Card to issue Emergency Opening Cards without any computer and encoder if hotel power cut unexpectedly or computer system is down

The components include:

1. exterior trim
2. interior trim
3. mechanical key
4. mortise
5. strike
6. strike box
7. battery box


RFID card / Magnetic Card T5577 / Magnetic Stripe Card
Static current <=20 uA
Dynamic current <=200 mA
Working temperature - 25 ~ 65 °c
AA alkaline batteries 3 pieces
Battery duration ca. 1 year
Mechanical key 2 pcs.
Application door range 37 ~ 52 mm
Exterior trim dimension 271 x 70 x 31 mm
Interior trim dimension 271 x 70 x 22 mm
Backset 56 / 70 mm
Bolts 20 mm

Lock Dimension And Installation Diagram:

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